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Your first step on the ancient and venerable path of the Western Mysteries begins with initiation. Our order offers full temple-based initiation ceremonies as well as astral initiations for those who are far away from a temple. We encourage candidates to take part in a physical initiation where possible. If they live too far away for easy attendance to a temple, then we offer an annual conclave at which correspondence members can pass through the physical initiations fully. Before entering the final grades of the Outer order (4=7 and Portal) we require that any initiate has completed all their initiations and advancements physically.

The Order


The Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum is an international Order in the Hermetic tradition of S.L MacGregor Mathers, Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, Florence Farr, Moina Mathers, Annie Hornimann and others. Our aim is to provide a gateway for all with a sincere and humble wish to enter the Western Mysteries.

Our Order is governed by highly experienced Adepti, who aim to provide top quality magical training and experience for members.

We accept applications for initiation and membership by those who are genuinely interested in engaging proactively in a mystical and magickal path.



"To heal and that gratis" is one of the maxims of any Order arising from the Rosicrucian Hermetic tradition in the Light. Our order offers esoteric and kabbalistic healing from a distance and personal healing depending on your location. In addition we provide training in kabbalistic healing for those interested.

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What if I am experienced in another magical path?

We welcome those from almost* any other magical path, but because the Golden Dawn system is a unique tradition in its own right, we ask that you start at the beginning and progress therough the grades, like any other initiate. With your experience you may find you pass through the grades faster than others, but we do ask that you respect our tradition and grade structure.

*Almost any other path - we say this because we do not accept anyone who is an advanced practitioner of left-hand path magic or Thelemic magic. We find these forms of magic are not compatible with our system and current, and our experience is that conflict of energies often occurs and causes problems for the magician concerned. 

Does Astral Initiation work?

In our experience yes it does. Clearly it is much better to go through a full, physical temple initiation or advancement, because this allows the initiate to participate fully in the magical current of the order. We only offer astral initiations to those who, due to distance, are unable to travel to a temple. We ask that they fulfil their physical initiations as soon as they can and to do this before entering the grades of Philosophus and Portal, which definitely need to be performed physically. Therefore we provide an annual conclave for those who need to do this. 

We contend that all magic operates astrally first, as per the Hermetic principle of "As Above - So Below",  embodied in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

How long does it take to become an Adept?

It all depends on the progress of the initiate and the experiences they undergo as they perform ritual work. On reaching the grade of Portal (which can take, on average, between 3-7 years) the initiate can apply to join the Inner Order, and if accepted they can be initated into the Adept grade. Acceptance into the Second Order is a privilege, not a right, and will depend on their previous work and conduct within the Order generally.

Do you accept people from all religious viewpoints and backgrounds?

Yes. People from any religious background can apply to join the order. All we ask is that the applicant believes in a higher and Divine power that governs the universe. Without this belief it is very difficult to engage in a mystical path, particularly one that is based on Western Hermetic Theurgy. Before applying, we ask that you consider if your belief system is truly compatible on both a spiritual basis and a moral one. If your religion, for example, promotes hatred towards another religious group, or focuses on worship of darker forces, then it will simply not be compatible with the Order current, and will waste your time and ours. 

What if I use drugs to experience altered states? Can I still join?

As a rule we generally say no, particularly if somebody is actively dependent on hard drugs and cannot live without them. This path is about self-mastery, so ideally an initiate will have mastered their way of controlling their emotions without resorting to substances. If you need psychological help, then please go and get this. If you review the Order Oath, you will note that we ask you to agree to never be placed in a state of extreme passivity or deep induction through the use of substances or other methods. Being a Golden Dawn mystic is about mastery of the self in all situations. 

In terms of having mystcial experiences, we find the Order provides methods to achieve this to a high degree, without use of any substances at all, as long as you put in the work to practice the techniques and meditations that are provided.

Cannabis and alcohol - We ask that anyone using these substances does not enter the temple while under the influence. What you do in your free time is your business, but please abstain for at least 48 hours before attending temple meetings or engaging in magical work. If you have been prescribed cannabis for medical reasons, please let us know so we can take this into account.

Those who wish to take their mystical path seriously, usually are willing to agree to the above. 

Please ask via our contact form if you have any questions on these matters.

Will this magical training give me power over others?

We ask you to carefully consider your motives for joining the order. The Golden Dawn path is about Hermetic Theurgy, and not about trying to control or have power over other people. If your reason for joining is to control others or force someone to love you or to cause harm, then you probably need to go for counselling rather than join a magical group.

Ultimately this magickal path aims to give the practitioner power over themselves.

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