Fellowship of the Golden Dawn

An International Hermetic Magickal Order

About Us


Your first step on the ancient and venerable path of the Western Mysteries begins with initiation. Our order offers full temple-based initiation ceremonies as well as astral initiations for those who are far away from a temple. We encourage candidates to take part in a physical initiation where possible.Many correspondence members later go on to develop study groups and sanctuaries and then form their own temple.

The Order

The Fellowship of the Golden Dawn is an international Order in the Hermetic tradition of S.L MacGregor Mathers, Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, Florence Farr, Moina Mathers, Annie Hornimann and others. Our aim is to provide a gateway for all with a sincere and humble wish to enter the Western Mysteries.

Our Order is governed by highly experienced Adepti, who aim to provide top quality magical training and experience for members.


"To heal and that gratis" is one of the maxims of any Order arising from the Rosicrucian Hermetic tradition in the Light. Our order offers esoteric and kabbalistic healing from a distance and personal healing depending on your location. In addition we provide training in kabbalistic healing for those interested.

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