Distance Healing

We offer distance healing for those who request it. We use an esoteric, kabbalistic healing method, based on the ancient Hermetic principle: "As above - so below".

Kabbalistic Healing Workshops

For those interested in learning about kabbalistic healing, we offer short courses and workshops on the subject. Message us for details using the form on this page.

Magickal Healing Eucharist

Some of our temples offer a magickal healing eucharist event on a fairly regular basis. This is usually open to interested members of the public on application to the local temple. 

Healing FAQs

What does the healing involve?

We offer a form of esoteric kabbalistic healing that can be performed from a distance or in person. It does not require physical contact. 

Do you offer personal healing 1:1 ?

 Yes sometimes we can depending on the area in which the person needing healing lives. 

Do you charge a fee for healing work?

 No.  The Order follows the Rosicrucian maxim, "to heal and that gratis". If a  healer needs to travel a long distance to provide esoteric healing,  then a donation towards travel expenses may be asked for. Most healing  can be performed from a distance. 

Request Healing

Details of Healing Request

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