Magickal Training

Training Manuals

When you join you are provided with a grade book, containing all you need to know to start your work in that grade. Each printed book contains reading and practical work. As you progress through each grade you are given a new manual to study, as well as personal mentoring from you proctor and a variety of classes in your local temple or online.


A core part of hermetic theurgy involves the study of Kabbalah (Qabalah). Based on the Zohar, various schools of kabbalah filtered into Western Theurgy via the Christian kabbalists of the Rennaisance. A principle view of the kabbalah in the Golden Dawn originates from Isaac Luria, the Arizal, for example. You will study the energies within the Tree of Life and how to use them.

Tarot / Divination

Tarot has been a part of the Golden Dawn training ever since the first form of the Order was established in 1888. In fact one of the historical members (AE Waite) published the widely-known Rider-Waite deck. Within your training you will be taught how to read the tarot as well as other methods of divination.,


Ritual work is a core part of the experiential learning aspect of Theurgy. Famous ancient theurgist, Iamblichus, made it very clear that theurgy is not just an intellectual pursuit. What we learn has to be put into practise. You will be given rituals and meditaitons to practise at home and within your local temple. You will be taught how to use your voice and how rituals function.


As you progress through the grades you learn to evoke and access various energies and intelligences. These aspects of the created universe are the most sacred and powerful tools for the magician, both for self transformation and within any magickal action.


Talismanic magic is just one of the many aspects of magical practice. When you Join the order, we teach you the underlying principles of this and how to create your own talismans, during the grades of the Outer Order.