Purpose of a Golden Dawn Order

What is the Goal?

Something has drawn you to be interested in joining an Order such as this one. This is how a lot of people begin. They have a calling or an inner feeling that they are missing 'something' in their lives. You may have had an interest in spiritual matters, even magick and theurgy, throughout your life and not known what this is for; what it is leading you to. This inner calling has now led you to here. So let us look at what a Golden Dawn Order can do for you and what you need to do to take part in one.

The Ultimate Purpose

The ultimate purpose of many mystical paths, for that is what this is, has been expressed throughout the ages in multimple ways via many different paths and philosophical vehicles. Some say the goal of the Mysteries is to "find yourself". Indeed the words written above the entrance to the Ancient Greek mystery schools was "Gnothi Seathon", or "Know Thyself"; so this is partly true. Others talk about preparing and purifying your inner vessel to receive the higher and Divine energies. Still others might say that the path of the Mystic is about inner alchemy; that is to say the internal changes we can pass through via certain esoteric techniques, until we become transformed into a refined, more fulfilled type of being than we were before, who can connect with the many different energies, powers and intelligences that exist in our universe.  This is what some call "The Great Work"; a constant refining of ourselves until we become perhaps something more than the little, materially-oriented human being that we started out as. That process, according to the Ancient Greeks, was called Theurgy, or Divine-working; the process of uniting our thinking with that of the Divine aspect of ourselves. In the Golden Dawn, we believe the purpose of every initiate is "To Gain Knowledge and Conversation with their Higher Genius". 

Being Part of an Order

The Golden Dawn begins with a magickal training which teaches a core set of symbolism and "the language of theurgic magic". Each initiate progresses through four outer grades, that lead them in a progression that allows the basic collection of knowledge of the Order to be digestable and logical to understand. There are meditational and ritual exercises as well as mental learning in each grade. All of this is provided so that the magician has a strong foundation for their ultimate magickal work, which occurs once they have passed through these grades. Part of the work is the ability to function autonomously and be independent in your learning. If you genuinely have a passion for mystical and esoteric studies, then this will be easy. You are provided with the guidance of a mentor and they can take questions and provide additional "unwritten" learning to help you make sense of your grade study materials, In addition the order provides three other types of opportunity:

  1. Online or local classes
  2. The chance to participate in your local temple, initiations, and other work.
  3. An annual 'Conclave' for correspondence students so they can meet others and take part in the initiation rituals, receive classes and other opportunities.

Magick is very much a lifestyle and it will be suggested to you that you begin to build your day around regular personal rituals and the grade exercises. 

Ethical Practice

The Oath forms the basis for the ethical framework of the Order. It is important to respect other members and see them as your brother or sister in the Great Work. The order is not there to date people or find a lover. Respect is paramount and we will demit anyone who breaks the trust of their Brethren or the Order principles.

Having read all of that, and if you still wish to join, please scroll down and send us any further questions  or complete the online application form.

Thank you again for your interest.

In Light

Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum 


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We look forward to welcoming you

Joining a magickal order is a significant step in your journey as a hermetic practitioner. We will respond to you as soon as possible and aim to connect you with someone from a temple near to you, in order to organise an orientation and potential initiation date. You will be asked to complete a membership form and agree to the Oath of the Order.

Joining fees include study materials, initiation costs and other aspects of membership. Feel free to ask us for more information.

Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum

Temples of the Order

Temple Isis Mighty Mother, Los Angeles, USA

Our Grand Temple in Los Angeles offers full initiation and magical training to members.

Temple of Thoth-Isis, Denver, USA

Our Denver Temple offers full initiation and magickal training. 

Temple of Het Heret, Seattle, USA

Our Seattle temple offers full initiation and magickal training to members in the USA and Canada.

Temple Heru, Philadelphia, USA

One of the temples of the Order. 

Temple Isis-Urania, Kent, UK

Temple Isis-Urania serves members within the UK and Europe and offers full initation and training.

Sanctuaries and Study Groups

Our various sanctuaries and study groups are located in the USA and Europe. They are not listed here currently. 

The Oath


The Oath of the Neophyte

  Vows with the Order

I, (your name)________________________________________, in the presence of the Lord of the Universe and in the presence of my Higher Self, the Divine Guardians of this Order, and this assembly in this Hall of the Neophyte of the Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum do of my own free will, hereby and hereon most solemnly promise to keep secret this Order, the names of its members, and any and all proceedings that take place at its meetings from every person in the world who has not been initiated into it. Nor will I discuss Order proceedings with any member who has not the current password, or who has resigned, been expelled, or in general has fallen away from Order attendance and participation and Golden Dawn studies.   I undertake to maintain a kindly and benevolent relation with all Fraters and Sorors of this Order. I will treat all members as if they were a brother or sister, as if we shared the same mother, the same father.   I solemnly promise to keep secret any information I may have gathered concerning this Order before taking this oath. I will neither copy nor allow to be copied any manuscript, except for personal use, until I obtain permission from the Chiefs of the Second Order.   I solemnly promise not to suffer myself to be placed, nor place myself in, a state of extreme passivity through the abuse of drugs or alcohol, or any other method of deep induction. I will maintain control of my mind at all times, lest others influence me or manipulate me into purposes of serving their own greed or lust.   I solemnly promise to preserve and defend this Order with courage and determination in the labour and study of the Divine Science and I shall always uphold the integrity of this Order through the virtues of the infinite pillars upon which this Order is built - Love, Truth, and Knowledge. I will not debase my mystical knowledge in the labour of evil magic at any time, tried or under temptation.   I, in addition, promise to uphold the decisions of the Chiefs of the Second Order as final in the governance of this Order. Neither will I encourage schism nor encourage or suggest other members abstain from Order participation or membership under a heavy penalty exacted by the Chiefs of the Third Order - the Divine guardians of the Mysteries.   Finally, I foremost pledge myself to Divine Light, to the magical way of life, to the principles of brotherly love and to the future development of the spiritual through the greater understanding of the Mysteries and the Fellowship of the Golden Dawn.   I pledge this secret. I pledge a sacred oath with my mighty and secret soul. I do so swear,   ________________________________________ (sign here)   Date of vows (dd/mm/yyyy): ___ / ___ / 20___